The power of social media

Ever changing, ever growing, social media seems to be tightening its hold on my children. There’s new apps I’ve never even heard of and phones/tablets seems to be constantly flashing and pinging with notifications. Facebook, twitter, Instagram are the ones I am familiar with and feel able to support my children in ensuring they keep their accounts private. Others like TikTok and Houseparty are a bit of a mystery and I feel concerned that I don’t know enough about these and other apps which appeal to our younger generations. 

It seems an almost impossible task to keep up with the current trends and new apps as they appear. As parents, educators, we want to be able to guide and support children, but this is difficult when they often know more about these apps than we do. Esafety is taught throughout school, but is this enough? Perhaps I’ll just turn the internet off for an hour, so we can all have a break!!

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